Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I'm delighted to learn, thanks to Mr. Jim Stagg, bass guitarist of the rather good band Cooper Black, that Blind Willie's original gravestone is back in McDuffie County - if not in Happy Valley then at least in Thomson GA - in very good condition and in the care of the Thomson Museum, as you see here (c/o Jim's wife, whose name I'm sorry I don't know):
As you will know, he wasn't called Eddie - that was the name of the cousin who commissioned the stone - and he wasn't born in 1898 but in 1903, quite probably on May 5th.

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Jim Stagg said...

Hi wife's name is Anna, and not that it matters a jot, she didn't actually take that picture. I hope your readers....should that be followers?.....enjoy seeing the snap. Best wishes. Jim.